Family Owned and Loved Business

Our journey commenced in the summer of 1982. With an impressive track record spanning over three decades, we have established ourselves as a prominent force in the dry cleaning industry.

The Lee family, who owns and operates Champion Dry Cleaning business, enjoys a well-deserved reputation in our community for delivering exceptional customer service, fair pricing, and a commitment to premium quality.

We are committed to caring for both you and the environment! Let us demonstrate why we are the industry leader in green dry-cleaning. Give us a call if you want the best green dry cleaning service and more.
Our mission is centered around providing you with high-quality, premium services while remaining environmentally conscious and responsible. Join us in our endeavor to create a greener and cleaner future.

Quality Service and Attention to detail

We offer free pickup and delivery for hassle-free and stress-free green dry cleaning so you can have easy access to our services. With us, gone are the days when you had to do your own pickup and delivery.

Champion Dry Cleaners makes things easier for you. We also offer wet cleaning, alterations and expert tailoring, leather cleaning and more. You can expect us to be very detail-oriented when it comes to caring for your clothes.

Champion Dry Cleaners
working at Champion Dry Cleaners
Packing at Champion Dry Cleaners