Household Linen Items Cleaning With Champion Cleaners

We usually associate dry cleaning with clothing, but not only shirts and dresses require special cleaning care. There are probably items in your home that cannot be exposed to the harsh chemicals and tumultuous cycles of a washer and dryer.
We offer professional cleaning services for all the fabrics that make your house a home, from comforters to curtains and towels to tablecloths. Get more time back in your day while knowing that your items will be returned clean, fresh, and in good condition.

Which Household Linen Items Require Dry Cleaning?

Knowing which items require dry cleaning can mean the difference between extending their lifespan and spending more money on replacements.
Anything with hand stitching, embellishments, pleating, or made of dark-colored silks or similar materials should be dry cleaned as a general rule. Even if these items are made with high- quality materials by a reputable manufacturer, washing and drying cycles can quickly drain the color and unravel the stitching.

Why Does Bedding & Comforters Need to be Dry Cleaned?

Did you know that the average person spends nearly 26 years of their lives sleeping? That is correct! Every year, this equates to hundreds of hours spent in bed. Consider how much time your body will spend on linens, mattress covers, and beddings, absorbing whatever particulates the fabrics happen to absorb.
Washing linens with potentially harmful petrochemicals can expose you to toxins and irritants that can harm you over time. As a result, dry cleaning these intimate items is the most secure way to keep your bed clean and healthy.

How often Should I Clean My Area Rugs?

How frequently you clean your rugs, like most household items, is determined by how much they are subjected to normal wear and tear. However, as a general rule, all area rugs should be cleaned every 18 months. This will keep dirt, grime, and allergens from penetrating the fabric.

Why Should I Clean My Area Rugs?

Your area rug may never show dirt depending on the color, especially if your home is "shoe- free." However, just because a rug does not appear dirty does not mean that dust particles are not clinging to the rug's microscopic fibers. Professional cleaning ensures that even the smallest invaders are removed from area rugs.

Cleaning Your Draperies, Pillows, and Other Items Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle

Household items such as curtains, decorative pillows can be difficult to wash at your home. You can simply hand them over to us. Our professional equipment and experienced staff are capable of removing even the most difficult stains and fabrics.

Leave the Cleaning of Your Table Cloths and Napkins to Us

We want you to enjoy your family dinner and let us worry about the cleanup. Set the table with your favorite table linens, then drop them off at your Champion Dry Cleaners when you're finished. We'll handle everything else so you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love!

Keep Your Towels Clean, Fresh and Soft

Fresh, soft towels are one of those little things that make your day so much better, but washing towels on a regular basis takes a significant amount of time out of your week. Instead, why not drop them off at Champion Dry Cleaners? We'll handle your towels, and you can get back to living your life.

Do You Need Dry-Cleaning for Household Items?

Champion Dry Cleaners provides high-quality dry-cleaning services to keep your linens, cushions, and treatments looking brand new.

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